Reduce emission rights...
Boosting innovation...

Would you limit carbon emissions if you could?

50ZERO lets you offset your footprint by deactivating European emission rights so power stations and factories can’t use them.

How it works

With your help 50ZERO buys and deactivates European emission rights, which power stations and factories need to emit greenhouse gases. By that we increase the price on carbon dioxide and actually lower emissions in Europe.

Emission Reduction via the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS)
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Available EU emissions rights without 50ZERO
Deactivated by 50ZERO
Available EU emission rights with 50ZERO
Illustrative, does not correspond to the actual ratio.
Emission Reduction via the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS)

Neutralize your own carbon footprint

Remove yourself from the equation by actually reducing emissions of power stations and factories in Europe.

Lower emissions where they are highest

Together we actually lower emissions in Europe, where per capita emissions are among the highest in the world.

Unleash climate-saving innovation

By withdrawing European emission rights from the system we enforce innovation and the use of clean technologies.

Does that really work?

Yes it does. Each deactivated ETS emission right guarantees one less tonne of emissions in Europe! Do you want to know how emission allowances work? Or how the deactivation ensures less emissions in Europe? We answer these questions in our FAQ.

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Choose your contribution

Climate neutral for 1 month, or a whole year? See all our available options.

1 Month

Climate Neutral
Offset one tonne of CO2
(equals approximately the average monthly footprint of a person in Germany)
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1 Year

Climate Neutral
Offset 12 tonnes of CO2
(equals approximately the average annual footprint of a person in Germany)
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Climate Neutral
Offset your desired amount of CO2 or your desired offset-worth
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Fast effect

50ZERO helps to reduce emissions now, with less lag than planting trees.

Local reduction

We are reducing emissions in Europe where emissons per capita are amongst highest.

Triple impact

Neutralize your footprint, drive innovation and dis-incentivise climate-damaging technologies.


50ZERO reduces emissions within a reliable and traceable system of the EU.

Climate action for businesses

You do what you can to be climate friendly, but every business leaves a CO2 footprint. Lead the way in Europe on emissions reductions and neutralize your footprint with 50ZERO.

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